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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

{Upside down}

Well the movers came a day early.
Unfortunately they were not able to move my 900-pound upright piano upstairs..
but my neighbor was kind enough to give it a temporary home in her garage!
Oh my goodness.. our apartment looks like it has been hit by a hurricane!
So much unpacking and organizing to do.
Spent 7 hours on it today and right now, I am just done!
Nothing like a dark and stormy to cool one off.
We're supposed to have thunder storms today, wednesday, thursday and friday.. we'll see.

Among my belongings:
bird ornaments created a century apart.
The older one was left by Beulah Olson, the old owner of the big victorian house I grew up in in San Jose, California.
I shall write more about that house another day :)
She left a lot of things.. furniture, x-rays, old letters..
I know that she moved to Canada.
She used to send my family a card every Christmas.
That stopped a few years ago, in the '90's.. I think she has since died.


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