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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

{Rain, rain}

This past weekend was the weekend of the Kentucky Derby and Elizabethtown Farmer's Market- We didn't make it due to horrible weather conditions.
Thunder and lightning for 3 days straight.
All 3 of the cats were piled up in the corner under my bed.. they do not like loud noises!
To warm up I baked a dozen oatmeal raisin cookies.
I've never seen so much rain and strong wind in my life.
I had to bring in my balcony garden- minor damage to basil, tomato and strawberry plants.
The telephone across the field from us is bent over.
And on Sunday, at 05.40 AM I was awakened by the tornado siren!
That's one of my worst fears- a tornado.
I've never experienced one personally- but my mom grew up in Ohio where they do occur and I recall as a child her telling me about her nightmares involving them.
I gathered myself and the cats into the bathtub, covering with blanket and pillows.
10 minutes went by.
I checked on my iphone, and the bad weather had blown east.
Supposedly we're supposed to get another storm this weekend.
I actually do enjoy stormy weather- makes me feel cozy.
Especially at the laundromat.
Oh and my belongings were finally packed up on Monday and are now en route from California to Kentucky!!!

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