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Sunday, May 23, 2010

{Life and death}

Just two days ago was the scariest day of my life.
The day started out normal enough.. humid and cloudy.
Then it got pitch dark when it was only 19.00 (it usually gets dark around 21.00 or so).
Later around 19.30 there was lightning.
Hans and I were driving to the store to get juice (one gets dehydrated easily when it's this hot)
I heard a strange noise.. like a semi-truck attempting to put on their brakes and screech to a halt.
I figured it was our Dodge Calibur's brakes, that there was something horribly wrong with them.
I kept hearing the sound, and that's when I realized that it wasn't brakes.. it was the tornado siren!
We pulled into the parking lot.
Upon getting out.. the light was as if looking through a colored filter on a camera.
Everything was yellow-green.
There were people clustered around the entrances to the store.
We quickly went in, got out juice, and paid.
Upon walking out.. the light had turned red-purple.
It was raining very hard.
Cloud-to-ground lightning.
Hans brought my attention to the sky to the east.. where a tornado had touched down!
In Vine Grove and moving 25 mph.
Vine Grove is 10 minutes away from Radcliff, where we live.
I had never seen anything like this before.. dark clouds touching the ground.
We drove as quickly as possible back to our apartment.
I kept my eye on the tornado to the east.
I called my mom and told her that I love her, just in case!
I just wanted to get home and protect my cats, and us too.
The sky was purple and the light was red.
The rain was so heavy that we had to pull over and drive on the side of the road.
Finally we made it home!
I could barely see the trees there was so much rain and mist.
I will never forget those colors.. purple, red, yellow-green..
The short walk from the car up the stairs to our door got me soaked as if I had jumped into a lake.
I quickly gathered all of my potted plants and brought them inside.
Got a suitcase ready in case we were to be moved on base for protection.
Checked and the warning had been lifted.
The tornado blew itself out.
I have never been so relieved (ok so that's not really true there's been lots of times when I've been so relieved.. but you know what I mean)!
The rain subsided.
We went outside to look at the sky.
There were still a bunch of scary clouds hanging around, but I felt a lot better.
I then stayed inside because I didn't want to get hit by lightning, because cloud-to-ground lightning is the kind that most often hits trees, buildings, people, etc.

The reason that I'm so scared of tornadoes is.. well..
Growing up, my Mother would always tell me the dreams she had and of course, some were nightmares.
She often had nightmares involving tornadoes.. because despite being from Virginia, she did grow up in Ohio where there are tornadoes.
Being a young impressionable child, I took her fear and made it into my own.
I don't think this is necessarily bad.. tornadoes are something to be taken seriously!

Oh and yesterday I made delicious pizza entirely from scratch!
Topped with a simple pesto, vegan mozzarella cheese, broccoli, black beans and pineapple.
Accompanied by Rumble-ade (rum + my homemade lemonade).
Simply divine!

I apologize for the bad picture.. iphones are great but their cameras leave much to be desired!
In the middle where the clouds are touching the ground.. that's where the tornado was.
I took this from outside my apartment building.

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