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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Two tabbies}

on my way out to get the mail today i made friends with 2 tabbies:

little girl

big tom

haven't really been cooking a whole lot as of late.. still have leftover soup
plus it's hard to cook and bake when virtually all of one's cooking/baking supplies and dishes are on the opposite coast of one is currently located
hopefully everything will be sent next month

i still haven't seen a cardinal

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{Snow day}

Hans and I woke up this morning to snow
and more snow
it was snowing like crazy
the ground and sky were (are) white

being from california, i'm not used to this
i took loki out for a walk and he rolled in the snow
that's such a norwegian forest cat thing to do

i made maple syrup taffy, from the little house on the prairie books!
although laura ingalls wilder actually made the taffy when she lived in wisconsin,
not on the prairie
it's so simple:

(1) gather up some clean, fresh snow and pack it into a pan, tin, bowl, whatever and set in freezer to keep cool
(2) pour 1/2 c REAL maple syrup into a small saucepan
(3) over medium-high heat, bring to a boil and put a candy thermometer in
(4) when the syrup reaches 235°F
(soft ball stage), take it off of the heat and immediately drizzle it over the snow packed in the pan
(5) let cool for a minute or so, then eat!

i want to see a cardinal so bad
h. saw one last week but it flew away by the time i got to the window
on one of our many weekly trips to whole foods i purchased a birdfeeder
it's all green and recycled from plastic
there's a little roof and a cage-like apparatus that keeps the suet cake from falling out
h. climbed the tree outside of our bedroom window and hung it there!

takes me back to my childhood when i would make birdfeeders at home:
(1) take a pinecone
spread peanut butter all over it
(3) roll in birdseed
(4) tie on a string
(5) hang in a bird-friendly area

Monday, January 25, 2010

{A spare moment}

finally, a few spare moments time!

it's snowing here.
last week i got an iphone
i was stoked to learn that there is an app for whole foods!
i can browse for recipes, make shopping lists.. it's heavenly
the whole foods nearest to me is in louisville
they just happen to have a rad bath display:
i grew up in a home containing 2 claw-foot tubs.. i am quite fond of them

just finished making whole food's butternut squash bisque
accompanied by kavli crackers and avocado with salt and pepper

Friday, January 1, 2010

{Goodbye california}

i'm alive!

so yea..
i got married in vegas last week
did the whole 1940's wartime wedding thing
getting married on christmas army leave to someone who i have have been friends with/had feelings for for 7 1/2 years
luckily the feeling is mutual
we even daydreamed about marrying each other.. but were too afraid to say anything!

the journey to vegas was nearly identical to the movie the hangover
no seriously, it was
even down to the classic mercedes-benz driving through the desert
(gps took us through the desert.. literally. on a dirt road through the desert. mercedes-benzs weren't meant for off-roading!)
then later we accidentally locked the keys in the car so we had to break the back window to get in
my car deserves a medal of honor, it really does!

now my new husband h. and i are leaving tomorrow to ft. knox, kentucky
i've never lived outside of california, so it will definitely be interesting
and a bit awkward.. seeing as kentucky's state beverage is milk
but at least there is a whole foods 48 minutes away from where i will be residing

we are planning to honeymoon in iceland this summer
and have the reception this spring
haha it's all spread out.. but that's ok

i've already found a bakery that does vegan wedding cakes..
stephanie's bakery in ocean beach
whole foods will cater for the rest of the party
there's so much to do and plan!
i really want to have an old-timey, old-fashioned 1940's themed reception
we got my wedding ring at an antique store.. my fascination with antiquated things directed us to do so!
it's a white gold ring with filigree work and 7 diamonds
dated 1930's-1940's

at the same antique store we purchased this rad book:
i just can't wait to try out some new beverage recipes!

well, off to resume packing now ><