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Monday, May 30, 2011

{Southern beaches}

Spent a lovely weekend in Galveston.
The occasion?
I was a contestant in the 2011 Galveston Island Bathing Beauty Contest!
This took place May 20 and 21st, but I stayed until the 22nd just to treat myself.. I was unfortunately experiencing relationship problems at the time and contemplated not going but I made myself go and I am ever so glad I did.
Maybe it's because I practically grew up on the beaches of California but salt water, sand, wind and seashells are very soothing to me.
I have never rented a hotel room by myself or even gone on any kind of trip by myself, so it was pretty exciting! 
I was a little worried to leave my cats and dog at home but they were just fine.

I wore a blue 1950's 2-piece Elisabeth Stewart swimsuit I scored at the vintage shop Replay down the street from my work.
I can't believe I even signed up at first.. I used to have terrible self-esteem/self/image problems.
Well, maybe not really "problems", but just.. ahh it's hard to explain!!!!!
Self-conscious. I think that's what I mean.
I have always received a lot of unwanted attention due to my large breast size and it used to really, really bother me.
My measurements are pretty much a freak of nature.. 36-26-39.
I have a curvy vintage figure.
I wear a size 32G bra.
There I said it.
Not self-conscious anymore :D
Just irritated that it's hard to find bras that fit me. Lol.
Anyways, I believe that being in this contest really helped me with my self consciousness issues.
Or whatever one would call it.
I met so many kind girls down in Galveston and I also met my best friend in Texas, Alicia, there too!
It was awesome to talk to and just be around other vintage enthusiasts, collectors, seamstresses, etc.
Morale was very high and we all cheered each other on!

The contest tool place at the Hotel Galvez to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the hotel and the bathing beauty contests that were held there since the 1910's.
The hotel bar was rather lovely as well.. all mirrors and dark wood.
I had a bit of liquid courage (champagne) before the show started!

I am the 6th girl from the left side. Blue swim suit.

I'm the 1st on the left.

I don't know why I'm standing like this but I really wish that I would've stood better  -.-

Mmm mm.. Marines!

I took my car to the beach. It had fun.
1940's blouse: The Way We Wore, Houston, TX
Sunglasses: Anthropologie
I have a birthmark on my left foot. It looks like a chocolate chip cookie up close.

I rode on a ferry from one end of the island to the other.
I saw wild dolphins in the water!!!!!!!!!
The historical Bishop House. I went on a tour with my new-found friend Alicia and her family.

I had time to kill on Friday so I went to an old-timey photoshoot shop.
I have to admit, I am kind of a vintage purist and I wasn't so sure about wearing the dress the studio had for a 1920's look, but it was fun anyways.
Plus I reaaaalllly liked my gun prop.

Friday, May 6, 2011