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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Letter #2

Dear folks, 
     I really don't have time to write much.
     Today I got my uniforms & shots- last night I took my tests and made very high grades however I am to be a chemist- where and what it is to be I don't know. I will be given a chance to get in the ski troops after I am assigned. I'm to talk to my C.O. when I get there to arrange if it's possible.
     I'm really having fun. The Army isn't bad at all. All out fellows in Company E are pretty nice.
     I can't have mail here so don't write, I'll let you my next address and you can write then. Don't forget this it's important. 
     I'm entirely O.K. so don't worry. Take care of yourselves and be good!!
     P.S. Will write all details later.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Poor neglected blog.
I've been frightfully busy with, well.. life.
Finishing up my nursing career and beginning my pharmacy career, searching for my run-away cat, family stuff, swing dancing, Red Cross work, air shows, sewing, knitting, painting, cooking, plus seeing someone... Every minute is filled with something I enjoy :)
In the meantime, I'll be posting my grandfather Blair's letters home during World War II from basic training, England, Germany, France and Belgium.
Camp Grant, IL

     If you send me Davy's head size I may be able to get him a Medic's barracks cap. Tell him I said Hello! I'll write to the whole family in one letter but it's for all. Marilyn might send me some addresses of my friends if she will. I'll have you send me the rest of my money later. I have enough now. If you can get me a dog tag chain (preferably silver so it won't rust) take it out of my money and send it right away please. 
     I think I'll make a good soldier as I'm already courteous, and know how to discipline myself. Also my college training will help a lot because we are to be the next best thing to a doctor when wer're through here. 
     We started our drill today. It wasn't new to me nor will it be as I had it all in band (G.C.H.S.). We've got to be perfect soon to march in regimental parades.
     This winter we will have field problems in the cold (Brrr--). We also have to take care of casualties under fire here (all simulated of course) but the fire (land mines, machine guns, etc) are real. We either do things right on this or else! There hasn't been a casualty yet though so don't worry, by the I'll know how.
     Well I'll write again soon! In the mean time take care if yourselves and don't worry because I really like this life.
     Lots of love,