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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{I'm home, part II}

I went shopping yesterday and when I came home I found a broken off key in my lock.. someone tried to break in.
My ex-husband tried calling me while I was out and about.
I didn't answer.. I think he has something to do with it.
My neighbor helped me get back in.
I have to stay home all day waiting for the apartment manager to come and replace the lock.
At least that means more writing/blogging/cleaning/cooking time!

While in Michigan, we spent the night at one of Travis' friend's houses in Kalamazoo.
By the way.. I saw 2 reindeer there!
A gorgeous old house.. I am jealous.
I found some white wine entitled "Liebfraumilch", literally "Mother's milk" and just had to try it.
I'm a red wine person, but it was okay.

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  1. whoo! a cool blog!! great work mate! even i am going to read ma M.B.B.S. on 2012.Happy new year!!