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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{I'm home part IV}

::Warning- image heavy post::

On December 23rd Travis, Juri and I went to the ruins of an insane asylum near Battle Creek.
He was told that it was built around the turn of the last century and that it had mysteriously burned down in the 80's.
Also, that a reporter went there to write about it and he disappeared.
He was eventually found.. he hung himself in the highest tower!

We walked on a wooden bridge over a frozen lake and through some woods to our destination.
I googled "insane asylum Battle Creek" and couldn't believe what I found!
No definite record of one.. but it did appear in a tall-tale type thing..

The Legend of the Michigan Melon Heads via Wikipedia:

"The melon heads of Michigan are said to reside near the Felt Mansion in Laketown Township. According to one story, they were originally children with hydrocephalus who lived at the Junction Insane Asylum near Felt Mansion. The story explains that, after enduring physical and emotional abuse, they became feral mutants and were released into the forests surrounding the asylum. The Allegan County Historical Society asserts that the asylum never existed, although it was at one point a hospital;[1] however, the story has been part of the local folklore for several decades. Laketown Township Manager Al Meshkin told the Holland Sentinel that he had heard the tales as a teenager, noting that his friends referred to the beings as "wobbleheads". Some versions of the legend say that the children once lived in the mansion itself, but later retreated to a system of underground caverns. Other versions of this legend say that the children devised a plan to escape and kill the doctor that abused them. It is said that the children had no place to hide the body, so they cut it up in small pieces which they hid around the Mansion. There are still rumors that teenagers who had broken into the mansion saw ghosts of the children. They also claimed to see shadows of the killing of the doctor through the light coming from an open door."

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