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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{I'm home, part I}

I had the most wonderful Christmas!
I spent the holidays up in Michigan with Travis and his family.
There are so many pictures and stories.. definately to span out a few days!

On December 18th I went with Travis' mom and sister to go antiquing.
We went to Amazing Grace where I found a pair of crocheted gloves and a lacy dressing robe.
Travis' sister and I snuck up to the attic (of-limits) while his mom kept watch!
Up there was an easel where the owner painted, water-damaged wallpaper, some furniture and dresses.
The best part was on the side of the door were signatures and dates..
When we were ready to come down from the attic we got trapped because there were some other customers on the floor!
Eventually they left though.

Then we went to Grannie's Attic.I found a treasure trove of vintage clothing!I purchased a red silk 1940's 2-piece dress and a grey wool 1950's dress made by Jacobson's.(pictures to come soon!)I tried on a white silk 1940's wedding dress and late 1800's dress but they both didn't fit quite right.Nevertheless, still fun to try on!

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