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Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well we had quite an adventure yesterday!
Me, Hans, his buddy Travis and Travis' friend Shelley all went out to explore some cave.
We drove and parked next to an abandoned wooden church.
I saw a deer skull as I stepped out of the car.
Hiked through woods for awhile.
Very hot and humid.
I would've taken more pictures but it was hard enough keeping up with soldier's stride.
We hiked along some railroad tracks and came upon a waterfall.
We had to climb it, and it led to an even bigger waterfall.
Us girls just couldn't make it, so we remained on a log while the boys went ahead to the cave.
It was very peaceful.. we saw a train go by, a giant daddy long legs spider, a baby millipede and tons of butterflies.
Once the boys poked their heads out of an opening in the cliff above the waterfall.
We were expecting them to sneak up on us and frighten us, but that didn't happen.
When they did come sliding down the mountain, Hans told me about how he caught a bat!
There were stalactites and stalagmites in the cave, as well as transparent crawfish.
Then we all slid down the mountain and hiked back to the car.
We were filthy but hungry, so went to some restaurant and I got fries.
Back to the barracks on base for awhile, and then homeways we went.. exhausted!


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