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Friday, March 16, 2012

{Date Night}

Last night we went out and saw W.E.
I thoroughly enjoyed it!
We even snuck wine and chocolate into the theater with us via my big purse!
Although I have to say, I did tear up a bit during the film..
Certain scenes brought me back to dark places I've been, being married to my abusive ex-husband, the divorce and the "scandal" of seeing Travis before the divorce was ah.. even filed.
It still shocks people when they learn that I'm divorced because I'm "so young" or "so nice" or this or that.
 I say that no one has a right to judge unless they've been in a similar situation themselves.
Ah well, I wouldn't re-do anything or change anything that I did.
I did what I had to to make myself happy and safe.
Besides, it takes a real man to see a chick flick like this with his girlfriend, so I'm really lucky!
Oh and I got a new sewing machine!
A 1970's era Viking Husqvarna.
I got it for $3 at the thrift store back home in Ramona, CA while I was there in December.
It didn't quite work so it was in a sewing shop there for some time, being repaired and then it was finally done and got sent to me here!
I've already ordered a terrific 1940's dress pattern off of Etsy and a 1930's one will be next.

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