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Saturday, May 19, 2012

{2012 Galveston Island Bathing Beauty Revue}

Today was it: the 2012 Galveston Island Bathing Beauty Revue!
I was feeling a little under the weather but that didn't stop me from having a blast!

I never went to prom in high school- I was grounded at the time. 
So many people I know, who are the appropriate age, are talking about their proms that are happening this month.
Well this was like prom for me yay!

Travis and I drove down to Galveston late Friday morning. 
We checked in to our comfty hotel and then immediately left for the beach.
I wore the 1950's Hawaiian play suit I got from work.
Trav and I collected sea shells and driftwood, sipped wine, played with Juri the Labradoodle and swam in the ocean.
I spent more time in the water.
I was surrounded by hundreds of fish!
They were all swimming north and some were jumping out of the water.
A small school of fish even swam straight in to me!

Before I knew it 17 o'clock rolled around and it was time to go change for dinner.
It's a tradition of ours to always eat at the Mediterranean Grill every time we are on Galveston.
I wore a pink 1950's floral frock I got from the sale rack at work.
Underneath I wore a 1950's girdle and 1950's petticoat, also from my work.
Ah, the perks of working at a vintage shop.
,We ordered a delicious white Greek wine, Trav had roasted lamb and I had vegetables with hummus.
I also received a call from the cattery where Marie is from; she has 3 new grandkittens!
I will go visit them next week.
There are many horse-drawn carriages in the area and I got to pet a few.

After dinner we headed to Bands and Bombshells at Saengerfest Park.
I wore my sash.
There were quite a few neat old cars to look at- my favorite was a 1920's farm truck but it didn't stay for very long.
It was then my stomach decided to be contrary so we went back to the hotel.
After a bit I was feeling a little better and then we went to the beach.
The beach is quite lovely at night; so many stars!
After a while it was time to go back so we did.
Watched some cartoons on tv (Family Guy, Robot Chicken and Squidbillies) and then hit the hay.

For breakfast this morning we stopped in at the Oasis Juice Bar.
I got a chocolate-banana-almond smoothie and Travis got a hemp protein-agave-spirulina smoothie.
I also bought green tea and water to save for later- gotta stay hydrated!

Then before we knew it, it was noon and time for me to check in at the San Luis Resort!
I changed into my 1950's brown cotton tiki-print play suit.
Said hi to a few other girls I knew from last year.
So many cute suits!
We all put on our robes and were led out across the street and down to the beach.
Before the actual pageant began, we all had to stay in a large canvas tent.
Soon we were called up on stage and across the sand one by one.
I sure am glad that I borrowed a parasol from work- the sun was hot!
I even spotted Travis in the crowd!!
I didn't win or anything but I still had an awesome time- can't wait until next year!

We packed up and left pretty much after the Revue was over; I still wasn't feeling very well.
Stopped at Whole Foods for supper on the way home.
Upon returning home I had a hot bath and now I am ready to go to sleep- I am completely exhausted!

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