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Friday, January 20, 2012

{Past due: Last summer}

So I realize these are all old-ish photos from last summer, but I forgot to post them and write.
Silly me.
I just get preoccupied so easily.
Summer 2011 was one of the best I've ever had.
My mom, sister and youngest brother drove out to Houston from San Diego to get me and we drove together up north to Camargo, OK to visit my mom's parents, sister, brother and various other relatives.
It took us 12 hours to drive from Southern Texas to Northwestern Oklahoma.

Travis couldn't get time off of work so he came to see us off.

We saw this poster at a rest stop and couldn't stop laughing! My mom thought the gypsy looked high. I couldn't understand why a gypsy would be driving a car.

My Grandpa works with metal and he made this!

1940's deadstock Vicky Vaughn dress: The Vintage Spot, Elk City, OK

Grandpa E. Leroy Henexson. We did crossword puzzles together over coffee every morning.

Grandpa's 1971 Beetle. Only 5 years older than my Benz.

1940's Panhandle Slim 2 piece: The Vintage Spot, Elk City, OK

We are a pool playing family.

Gatsby came with us.

Some Army 5 ton.

I found this great kitty skirt at a Mexican thrift store near my work.

There was a lightning storm that causes a fire that surrounded the town.
Being trained as a nurse's aide at the Red Cross in Kentucky, I resorted to my training and aided the firemen at the town's community center by preparing refreshments.
It is not easy to photograph lightning.

My great-grandfather built this tiny 2 cottage. They had 7 children, one of which is my grandpa Leroy.

My great-grandmother lived in this house. It made me sad that it is now abandoned and falling apart.

Rain sounds lovely on tin roofs.

The tornado cellar. All houses here have one. 
This particular one consists of a school bus buried in the yard, the door just leads down.
Resourceful, no?

If I could, I would move here and fix this house up.
How romantic to live in a family heirloom house!

 A mystery book from the 1930's!

 Abandoned school bus. 
Perhaps it will be turned into a tornado cellar.

 Abandoned house across the street from my grandparent's house.



Obligatory kitty photos!

This mama kitty was the sweetest. The big grey kitten isn't even hers.
This photo doesn't show it, but she was nursing 7 kittens!!

Mama kitty looks so proud!

One of my cousin's teeney orphaned kittens.
We fed them out of bottles.

My grandparent's neighbor has been unofficially adopted into the family.
She has an ostrich named Louie.

The journey home.

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