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Saturday, January 21, 2012

{Discovery Green Flea Market}

Halfway through my shift at work I remembered that the Discovery Green Flea Market was.. today!
Luckily it was only 7 miles away from my work so.. why not go?
Travis and I did go a couple of months ago but it started to rain very heavily while we were walking around.
He hates shopping too so no point in dragging him along.
So I went all by myself and scored a pair of 1940's slippers on sale for $20.
The lady who sold them to me looked familiar and I realized that I met her before at the Houston Vintage Expo.
There was an adoption tent with dogs and cats and I met a lady with an Irish Wolfhound PUPPY.
The dog next to me isn't even full grown.. and I am 5"10".

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