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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{A Daydream}

I have nothing better to do right now (other than hand-wash a sinkful of dirty dishes since the dishwasher is still broken.. 2 weeks now eeew), so I am going to share with y'all (Texas is really rubbing off on me) what I would like my wedding day to be like.
A real wedding.. not Vegas like my first marriage.
Boy, what a mistake I made.. but if that didn't happen I wouldn't be where I am now.. completely happy :D


A 1920's garden party.
Think, The Great Gatsby! 

A rented vineyard
It's like being in a foreign country.
With plenty of room to play croquet and horseshoes after the party!

{The Dress}

I am divided about the dress.
Being a vintage purist, it would be swell to wear a vintage wedding dress provided I could find one. 
I am very reluctant to order clothing over the internet.. it is always best to try things on first especially if you have an uncommon figure such as mine: 36-26-39.
There is also the issue of supply vs. demand: there are only so many vintage stores around in each city and not usually very many wedding dresses in stock.
If I were to wear a modern dress, I would choose Jenny Packham.
Hello, Art Deco and Nouveau!

There are quite a few sweet deals on Etsy for vintage wedding dresses.
Cases in point:


Rather than wearing a traditional veil, which would cover up my finger waved bob, I would elect to wear a wax orange blossom headpiece like brides from the 20's, such as this one I found on Etsy:

How lucky I am to live in Houston, where the first Bhldn store was opened only a few months ago.
I visited the store a few days ago.. it was magical!
There is even a giant swan in the window.. so romantic!

 My ears are each pierced twice, and my left ear has one extra, bringing the total to five.
I usually prefer posts earrings.. I worry about long ones getting caught in something and ripping. Ouch.
I also prefer silver to gold.
It must be the Norwegian in me ;P

Since my beloved silver Whiting and Davis clutch got lost during the last move (weeps) I suppose I would have to get another one off of Etsy:

I really like these shoes on Modcloth, unfortunately they are out of stock.
I want oxfords!

I quite fancy these as well; out of stock as well.

I will wear one of my favorite fragrances.


I'm sure it's quite obvious by now that I frequent Etsy quite often.
GoGoSnap is a vendor who sells exquisite vintage correspondence.
Just look:


I love flowers, particularly lavender, calla lilies, poppies, orange blossoms and roses.

What else?
Ostrich feathers, strands of faux pearls, candles housed in glass jars and bottles, paper lanterns and a vintage photo booth complete with a big paper moon.


I have been vegan for 4 1/2 years. 
I am not, however, a scary vegan who imposes my diet beliefs on others.
That said, I only require the wedding cake to be vegan as well as a few other food items.

Cabbage rolls (veg and meat)
 Carrot wedding cake
Cheese and sausage plate
Crab stuffed mushrooms
Cucumber tea sandwiches
Deviled eggs
Groom's cake
Mixed nuts
Vegetable crudités
Waldorf-Astoria salad 

Wine (red and white)

I really like this cake topper.. after all, Travis was in the Military.
I could just repaint his hair to be blonde like Travis', then we'd be good to go!

I also really like this one.. love the sincere look on the couple's faces.
I'd just have to paint a bit- darken the bride's hair and lighten the groom's.


Why, New Orleans, of course!
Just like Scarlett and Rhett ;)

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