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Friday, October 21, 2011

{In the country}

Great-grandfather Elzie Virgil Henxeson (born in 1909, Ft. Cobb, OK) and Great-grandmother Minnie Edna Tuck (born 1912, Arnett, OK) and grandfather Elzie Leroy Henexson circa 1933 in Camargo, OK.
I remember meeting my great-grandfather once, in a nursing home.
I wasn't very old- somewhere in grade school. 
We were looking at an aviary filled with colorful birds.
He was very kind.
I learned from my mom that my great-grandmother passed away while they were on vacation in New Mexico.
My Grandma Shirley told me that my great-grandma Minnie was a very shy, easily embarrassed woman.
Now I know where I get that from!

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