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Sunday, October 2, 2011

{Great-grandfather Puffenberger}

My great-great grandfather Reuben Puffenberger.
Born on January 8th, 1857 in Pendleton Co., West Virginia and died on October 24th, 1924 in Pendleton Co., West Virginia.
Reuben was a school teacher in Pendleton Co for forty five years.
While teaching school in the Shenandoah Mountains near Peru, West Virginia, Reuben, while preparing to dismiss his class to lunch, place his hands in his face and lean forward on a table.
The students, believing Reuben fell asleep waited patiently. eventually one of the students checked on him and found him to be dead.
I believe this photos were taken around the turn of the last century.
Everyone in the first one looks like ghosts.

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