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Friday, April 23, 2010

{In the news I}

This man has just become one of my heroes.

"Known as the "Salmon River Caveman," Richard Zimmerman lived an essentially 19th century lifestyle, a digital-age anachronism who never owned a telephone or a television and lived almost entirely off the land."

"I have everything here," he said. "I got lots of rocks and rubber tires. I have plenty of straw and fruit and vegetables, my dog and my cats and my guitars. I make wine to cook with. There's nothing I really need."
Often times I believe that I was born into the wrong century.
I was raised in an 1890's victorian mansion surrounded by antiques.
I think that that fact has greatly influenced my preference for taking care of elderly patients within my nursing career.
Perhaps I will become obsolete someday?

It has always been my fondest wish to grow all of my own food, sew my own clothes, just basically live off the land and not need civilization.
I do these things as much as I possible can; growing strawberries, lavender and herbs in my windowbox planters, sewing and altering (by hand) various garments, being resourceful and inventive, shopping at thrift and antique stores to reuse items.
Growing up in Silicon Valley/Bay Area of Northern California, I was raised green.
My family and I recycled religiously.
It is standard there to have public recycling bins wherever trash cans are.
Haven't seen too much of the same elsewhere, except for San Diego.

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