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Sunday, June 19, 2011

{Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico}

*Warning: image-heavy post*


 1940's blouse: The Way We Wore, Houston, TX
 Sunglasses: Anthropologie

My Mama

My sister Michelle

My youngest brother Jason

Travis and his Labradoodle, Juri

Little shrimp
Little hermit crab

I cat-eyed her

Yes I have a birthmark on my foot

Little clams

My shadow

Wine on the beach

Big hermit crab

We were all amazed at how warm the Gulf water was. Living on the west coast, we're used to the cold water of the Pacific.

Travis always teases me that I'm a vampire because my teeth are abnormally sharp, my body temperature is always low (from being vegan.. no foreign animal proteins present hence no big chemical reactions to produce heat) and I always stay out of the sun (I like my skin pale and besides, I don't want wrinkles!)

There was an abnormally large amount of seaweed present on the beach. A local informed me that it floated in from the Atlantic.

Building on The Strand.

Does my man not look like a 1920's/1930's movie star?

Jumper: The Vintage Spot, Camargo, OK
1950's swimsuit: Replay, Houston, TX
Sunglasses: Anthropologie
Hat: Travis', he got it while stationed in Korea

Little brother silliness.

We had dinner at The Mediterranean Kitchen.

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