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Thursday, August 26, 2010

{A mysterious mystery}

Last weekend I went to Ohio to visit my paternal grandparents.
I was looking at family photographs.
I was curious about the back of a photo of my great-grandmother Marit Reitan, from Norway, so I took it out of the frame and discovered..
a mysterious mystery!

Her photograph doubles as a postcard.
It was taken in 1917 at
Hudson Photo Studio
123 Washington St.,
Hoboken, NJ

Also on the back are quite a few shorthand characters.
I've asked around and apparently the 3 characters in the lower left hand corner are Gregg Shorthand,
while the rest on the right side are Pitman Shorthand.
As my great-grandmother was from Europe, is is possible that some of the markings may have more than one sound!
Figuring out what this says is proving very difficult!!


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