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Sunday, March 7, 2010

{Treasure chest}

Yesterday we went to Louisville
I insisted that we visit this vintage clothing shop, Elizabeth's Timeless Attire.
I immediately fell in love with the neighborhood where it was located: Old Louisville.
There were immense victorian houses built out of both brick and wood.
I even saw a sad, sagging 3 story mansion that had a sign on the front: "FREE xxx-xxxx"
If I was to live in Kentucky for the rest of my life.. I definately would've taken a free abandoned house.
I wouldn't care that the cost of repairs would probably be as much as the house is worth!

Anyways, Elizabeth's Timeless Attire is a wonderful store!
The sales lady was very polite and complemented me on my dress (white and black polka dot Betsey Johnson).
We looked around.. there was a whole rack full of lovely pillbox hats with face netting.
I miss mine that is still in California.
In actuality I only found one dress I wanted to try on and alas, it didn't fit me.
However, I did find a pair of black patent leather heels that fit perfectly:

I also found this tin with "Made in Belgium" inscribed on the bottom.
For quite some time I have been wanting a pretty box to keep by the bed to hold.. uh.. naughty things.

At the register, we discovered that the tin didn't have a price tag and the sales lady gave it to us for free!
Yea I'm definately going to be visiting there again!

Today I paid a visit to the local goodwill store, hoping to find a 50's cotton dress.
The only sizes there were L, XL, XXL and WIDE!!
I think that that says something about the health of the locals around here....
I did find a book:

It came from an elementary school in Idaho.
A total of 11 children checked it out.
It even got checked out on my birthday (October 11th)!

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