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Monday, October 12, 2009

{Coffee: black juice of life}

Everyone knows that Scandinavians love coffee.
My family comes from Norway
Therefore, we drink coffee.
A lot of it.
I've been drinking it since I was twelve and it didn't stunt my growth.. I'm 5' 10".
Trader Joe's has it some good coffee!
Their bay blend ($5.99 for 12 oz) is dark, dark and dark.
Very reminiscent if the coffees I would order at cafes, growing up in the bay area of California (San Francisco).
It is a blend of Mexican high grown and Colombian excelso beans roasted extra dark.It's like coffee to the tenth power!
I've been hooked on the Scandinavian blend ($6.99 for 13 oz) since I discovered it last winter.
This one is a combination of medium and dark roasted beans.
The dark beans hail from Colombia and Peru, while the medium beans hail from the Dominican Republic
Last winter I also came across gingerbread coffee!
There is actually real ginger and spices mixed in with the beans.
Once brewed, cloves and ginger mingle with the coffee-aroma.
Very Christmas-y.
I've always wanted to visit New Orleans.
I find the architecture, history, culture, cuisine and cemeteries very interesting!
So when I spotted this Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee ($5.20 for 15 oz) at 99 Ranch Asian Market, I just had to buy it.
I would have preferred that the beans were whole.. I love grinding my own coffee beans.
But they weren't and tasted great anyways!
Spicy coffee.

This is where my coffee lives.. inherited from my Mom..

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